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The psychology committee of the whole school watched the online public lecture series of "National Psychology Committee Lecture Hall of Combating the Epidemic"
2022-04-12 14:44  

9 to 10 April,The Psychological Crisis Intervention Working Committee of the Chinese Psychological Society and the National University Psychology Committee Research Collaboration Group jointly held a series of online public interest lectures on the "National Psychological Committee Lecture Hall on Combating the Epidemic",Twenty-two experts and scholars from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tianjin University, Nanjing University and other institutions were invited to give online lectures on different topics to the national psychological Committee,The Mental health Education and counseling Service Center organized the psychological committee of the whole school to participate in this study

The content of this online public interest lecture is very necessary and urgently needed for the current psychological committee to carry out peer work,For example, "The characteristics and debugging of individual psychological stress in the dynamic zero stage of the epidemic" and "the time of the epidemic.,Opportunities for growth: Psychological growth of college students under the epidemic ", "Fighting against COVID-19.,"5+1 model of Peer Response to psychological crisis", "Stabilizing techniques for Self-care under the epidemic", etc ,The experts taught are psychological experts with profound theoretical foundation and rich experience in front-line counseling,All lectures are a close combination of theory and case studies,Help psychology committee members to learn and master the relevant knowledge and technology。

Through this study, the knowledge and skills of the psychological committee members in our school to carry out peer work under the epidemic have been well supplemented, effectively improving the self-confidence and professionalism of the psychological committee members in working under the epidemic, and enhancing the basic strength of mental health work in our school during the epidemic。

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