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Forget frustrated dreams and give hope to tomorrow
2022-06-20 10:13  

     I have read this story several times, but each time the meaning is different, and the philosophical implications are very deep。

  One of the students in the class was worried and listless in philosophy class because he had done badly in all his subjects。His abnormality caught the attention of the professor, who roused him from his seat and asked him to answer the question。The professor picked up a piece of paper and threw it to the ground, asking him to answer: This piece of paper has several fates?

  Perhaps panic, perhaps absent-minded, the classmate froze for a moment, for a while, he answered: thrown on the ground became a piece of waste paper, this is its fate。The professor was clearly not satisfied with his answer。The professor stepped on the paper again in front of everyone, and the paper was printed with the professor's footprints covered with dust and dirt, and then the professor asked the student to answer the fate of this piece of paper。

  This paper really turned into waste paper, what is the use?The classmate said with a dejected voice。

  Without speaking, the professor picked up the piece of paper, tore it in half and threw it on the floor. Then, calmly, he asked the student to answer the same question again。We were confused by the professor's action and wondered what on earth he was going to say?

  The classmate was also confused, he answered with a red face: This pure into a piece of waste paper。

  The professor calmly picked up the paper torn in half, and soon drew on it a galloping horse that had just been trampled.The footprints were just right to become the field under the horse's feet。The steed is full of fortitude, steadfastness and tension, which fills people with imagination。Finally, the professor held up the drawing and asked the student: Now please answer, what is the fate of this piece of paper?

  The classmate's face brightened, and he answered simply: You give a piece of waste paper hope, so that it has value。A slight smile spread over the professor's face。Soon, he took out a lighter and set fire to the painting, and in the blink of an eye, the paper turned to ash。

  Finally the professor said: We all see, at first and insignificant piece of paper, we look at it with a negative attitude, will make it worthless。The more bad luck we inflict on paper, the less valuable it will be。If we give up hope and destroy it completely, obviously, it can't have any beauty and value at all, but if we treat it with a positive attitude, give it some hope and strength, the paper will come back to life。If it's a piece of paper, it's a person。

  A piece of paper can be turned into waste paper and thrown on the ground, which we step on, it can also be painted and written, and it can be folded into a paper airplane, which flies very high and very high, so that we can look up。

  A piece of paper has many fates, let alone us?Fate is like palmprint, winding, but no matter how it changes, it is always in our own hands。

  Let us control our own destiny, do not let the interference and temptation of others, do not let fame and fortune, to overturn our altar of long-aged wine of fate!On the journey of life, we will inevitably encounter many joys and sorrows, how many sweet and sour, how many successes and setbacks。Maybe we have been crazy about it, frustrated about it, lamented about it。But after this madness, frustration, exclamation, do you choose to catch up, or will be vulnerable?

  There are so many difficulties and tribulations in our lives, and they are terrible。But at the same time, there is a word that will encourage us to face them: there are many difficulties, and there are many ways to solve them?

  There will be too much success and joy in life, it is really pleasing, but at the same time, there is a word that will warn us not to indulge in joy, should continue to work hard。Take control of your own destiny, maybe you don't always succeed if you try, if you don't try, you will never succeed。

  A person's life has many twists and turns, ups and downs。That's what makes life interesting。If you are living in a muddled life, then you have come to this world for nothing。Because twists and turns, ups and downs are the test questions to test themselves。You master your destiny, persevere, and you conquer it。Give it up, and you become its slave。

  A drop of water is enough to wear away the stone。Your efforts every day, even if it is just a small action, perseverance, will be the foundation of tomorrow's success。All the efforts, all the little bit of cultivation, in the hourglass of time after the drop, the extracted results will be restive, the envy of the success of the fruit。

  Life is an endless road, do not nostalgia for the lost dream, the fate in their own hands, the difficult way of life, will be full of hope and success!


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