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Notice on holding the third Mental Health Month of College students in Northeast Dianli University
2009-05-06 17:39  

Each department:

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of documents such as the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council on Further Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Education of College Students and the Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening Mental health education of College students,Take the scientific concept of development as the guide to do a good job in mental health education of college students,To promote the continuous improvement of mental health level and all-round success of college students,Combined with the student work department 2009 work points,Upon study,The third Mental Health Month of college students of Northeast Dianli University was carried out in the whole school。Specific arrangements are as follows:

I. Activity theme

Harmonious campus · Harmonious self。

Ii. Purpose of the activity

In-depth study and practice of the scientific concept of development, adhere to the student-oriented concept of work, furtherTo promote the mental health education of university students,Better promotion and popularization of mental health knowledge,Create a good mental health atmosphere on campus,We will promote the construction of harmonious campuses,Guide students to establish correct mental health concept,To help students enhance mental health awareness and solve psychological problems,Constantly improve students' mental health level。

Third, the object of activity

The whole school。

4. Activity time

20095mid-month6The middle of month。

V. Content and arrangement of activities

(I) Mental health lecture series

Invite experts from inside and outside the school to give a series of lectures on mental health for all students.Enhance students' self-psychological adjustment ability。

Subject: To be determined

时间:5mid-month6The middle of month

Location: Student Activity Center403

Outdoor psychological counseling and publicity activities

时间:525Sunday morning900

Location: To be confirmed

Specific content:

1.On-site psychological counseling

This activity will invite full-time and part-time psychological counselors on campus for the majority of students on-site consultation,Through communication with classmates,Help them solve the problems in study, life, interpersonal and other aspects,Eliminate the mystery of psychological counseling in the minds of students,To break the prejudice and misunderstanding of students on counseling,Enhance students' awareness of active inquiry。

2.Interesting psychological photo exhibition

This activity will show students some interesting pictures in psychology, such as illusion pictures and ambiguous figures, and will be displayed on the spotDistribution of mental health education leafletsEnable students to learn the basic knowledge of psychology in the process of participation, and enhance the understanding of some minor knowledge of psychology。

3.On-site reservation

For students who need help, on-site consultation can be made to enhance students' awareness of help。

4.Mental health information board on display 

Panel content: A series of promotion of mental health knowledge reflecting the theme of this activity month。


Activity object: Each school (department)

Exhibition venue: Each institute (department) to determine

Panel selection: Student Affairs Office college studentsThe Mental Health Education and Counseling Service will organize the judgesAward the first prize1Second prize2First, third3个。

Online psychological test

Rigg University student psychological network assessment systemUpload to the campus network to provide online psychological tests for all students to help students know themselves scientifically。

时间:5mid-month6The middle of month

Location: Campus network


(iv) Group psychological counseling activities

Using the relevant principles of group counseling, a series of beneficial group activities are organized by professionally trained teachers。Through activities, students can better understand themselves, accept themselves, learn how to communicate with others, understand others, and gain and grow in participation and experience。

1. Activity Time:5Mid to late October

2. Group Size: Recruitment of group members across the school, each group size is limited to1620人。

3. Alternative event theme:

(1) Make Friends Easily - Interpersonal Relationship Workshop

(2) I Am Confident, I am Happy - Self-exploration workshop for college students

4.Event location: to be confirmed

(v) Mental health themed class meeting competition

1.Participants: The whole school060708Grade all classes

2.Activity Time: 5月1866

3.Activity location: each class to determine。

4.Theme and form

(1) Theme: According to the characteristics of the grade, the students may encounter many psychological problems in the study life and growth process, such as: life adaptation, learning psychology, interpersonal communication, emotional education, college and career selection, intelligent development, frustration resistance education, personality education, adolescent education and self-awareness development。

⑵ Form: Based on the campus, in the form of salon, tea, discussion, debate, seriously hold a good mental health theme class meeting。


⑴ Each class66Recently, the activity plan, activity photos or video materials, activity summary, etc. will be submitted to the league branch of each school and department610A few days ago, the summary of activities will be reported to the student office psychological counseling center。

⑵ Recommended by each hospital (department)23Individual class competition。

(vi) CampusDVExhibition of outstanding works of the competitionAnd Northeast Dianli University third college students "Mental Health Activity Month" commendation conference

Competition theme: Harmonious Campus · Harmonious self

Competition Time:516日到66

Excellent works exhibition time:mid-June

Exhibition of excellent worksLocation: 1st floor, Student Activity Center

Requirements: Each department recommends at least oneDVWorks to participate in the school finals, if more than one work recommended, should be in order when recommending。

6. Job requirements

(I) Attach great importance to strengthening leadership

It is necessary to attach great importance to the role and significance of various activities in mental health education, set up a corresponding college organization and coordination group, so that the work is planned, and the activities are responsible for the smooth development of the work。

(ii) Careful organization and active participation

We should fully encourage college students to take the initiative to participate in various educational activities, and strive to make everyone know and participate;Carefully organize all the work at the college level, strengthen the communication and cooperation between the colleges, further innovate the work ideas, and improve the work quality。

(iii) Vigorously publicize and create an atmosphere

It is necessary to make full use of the Internet, radio, posters, board newspapers and other publicity methods to report the development of activities in a timely manner, and strive to do a good job in publicity work to create a good atmosphere conducive to the growth of students。


The above activities, has not been clear the specific activity time, place, procedures and other information, by the college student mental health education and counseling service center notice。


"Harmonious campus · Harmonious self" campus


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