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The students of our school watched the online press conference of the Survey Report of College students' concept of marriage and childbearing
2023-01-20 14:54  

At 10:00 am on January 18, 2023, the online conference "College Students' Marriage and Childbearing Concept Survey Report" jointly sponsored by China Family Planning Association, Capital University of Economics and Business, China Youth Network, and China Population and Development Research Center was successfully carried out with the help of Tencent Conference and bilibili two platforms。Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center organized the whole school students to participate in this conference and study。

At the beginning of the meeting, Yang Wenzhuang, Director of the Population and Family Department of the National Health Commission, Yin Zhichao, Vice president of Capital University of Economics and Business, and Yao Ying, Vice president of China Family Planning Association, delivered speeches。

然后,由首都经济贸易大学人口发展研究中心副主任、教授茅倬彦进行主旨报告叙述。This paper analyzes the survey report on marriage and childbearing concept of college students from multiple perspectives。

In the third session of the conference, Pan Zuguang, full-time vice president of Zhejiang Family Planning Association, and representatives of China Youth Network made speeches and discussions。

Pan made practical analysis of population growth and policy support in Zhejiang Province, and proposed that this is a very practical analysis report, so that more scholars and social people can hear the voice of the young generation。

The two volunteers of the China Youth Network are both college students。From my own point of view, I expounded my views on the results of this report: This is a very real report, which is highly consistent with the ideas of many friends around me

Finally, Professor Tong Yufen, director of the Population Development Research Center of Capital University of Economics and Business, summarized the meeting。

Professor Tong said that this report reflects the ideas of the young generation, tells the needs of the young generation, and expresses the aspirations of the young generation。She advocated that a positive, healthy and beautiful atmosphere of marriage and childbearing should be created in the whole society, advocating a family culture where couples share birth and parenting, affirming the value of housework, and strengthening young people's awareness of respect, integrity and responsibility for emotional life and family life。

Through this study, the students have an overall understanding of the concept of marriage and childbearing of college students, and at the same time, it encourages them to think and reflect more deeply on their own concept of marriage and childbearing, which helps the students establish a positive and healthy concept of marriage and childbearing, and advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle。



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