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"Science to 'Jiao', easy life" group counseling successfully concluded
2022-12-26 01:01  

With the gradual liberalization of epidemic prevention and control,The students are looking forward to the future,A little overwhelmed again,Always feel like "the next second is going to be Yang",Especially when the circle of friends and people around you are starting to be positive,Some students may be confused, worried, panicked, or anxious,To improve the psychological immunity of students,Put a protective suit on your mind,The Psychological Counseling Center held a "Scientific Study on 'Jiao' on December 22, 2022 from 15:00-17:10.","Easy Life" online group tutoring。

This group counseling activity includes three parts: serial self-introduction, theme activities and sentiment。Serial self-introduction link let the students quickly get familiar with, form a good group atmosphere;The activities of "output way feeling method", "Thinking the worst outcome method", "imaginary exposure method" and "focusing circle of influence method" made every student realize that anxiety can be adjusted。

By leading the students to do themed activities, Teacher Zhang Li made everyone master the skills and methods to deal with anxiety。In the sharing stage of each link, the students were able to carefully analyze, actively speak, and honestly share their emotional feelings, and said that the attitude of gradually opening up in the face of epidemic prevention and control has become more calm and calm, and has also provided the courage and confidence for the students to live a relaxed life, and will face the future with a more positive attitude。


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