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"Overcoming Procrastination: Being a Time Manager" online group counseling recruitment
2022-12-06 01:49  

Time is like the sand in your hand, how can you not grasp it, quietly passing between your fingers。Although we can not catch it, but we can make full and reasonable use of it, so that every day of our lives is meaningful。

Time for each of us, is the same, how to use it reasonably, in our own hands, do you want to let their own time at their own disposal, or by others?I believe you have the answer in mind, so come and participate!

Group goal

1.Form a group, establish relationships, understand group members, and form a good group atmosphere。

2.Help group members understand time and time management, analyze their own time management model, and recognize irrational beliefs in it。

3.Help members to correct unreasonable time management cognition, learn to make goals and plans, and master time management methods

Group nature

Closed, developmental community。

Group leader

Psychological counseling center teacher Zhang Li

Group time

December 8th (Thursday) 18:30-20:00

Online group recruitment target

For students from Northeast Dianli University (15-20), if the number of participants exceeds the predetermined number, the center will conduct several online group tutoring sessions on the same topic in batches。

Group location

Tencent Conference

Recruitment requirements

1.Can use "Tencent Meeting" software to participate in group interaction, can keep the network smooth;

2.Make sure you have headphones or earphones when you join the group, and there is no noise around;

3.Be able to join the group on time, not be late, not leave early;

4.Be sincere and open in the group, respect others, and keep everything in the group strictly confidential;

5.Be able to actively participate in group activities and interact with other team members。

Interested students can scan the QR code below to join the QQ group registration, limited places, first come first served。

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