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Class 221 of Statistics of the College of Science carried out a series of activities with the theme of "525"
2023-05-26 17:21  

On the occasion of the "525" College Students' Mental Health Day, the School of Science organized the theme of "Caring for oneself, Enjoying Youth" and psychodrama performance activities;Among them, Class 221 of statistics performed well in this activity, showing the style of young college students' activities。

On the afternoon of May 25, Yan Mingrui, a member of the Health Department of the Youth League Committee of the College of Science and a member of the School's Heart Speech propaganda group, was a member of the psychological committee of class 221.Love yourself, enjoy life "theme宣讲,By popularizing the origin and significance of "525 Mental Health Day" and popularizing the knowledge of mental health,I told my classmates about "Caring for yourself.,Know yourself,The importance of self-acceptance,The message is "Focus on your own mental health and spiritual growth.,Improve their own psychological quality,And then love others, love society "spiritual connotation。

This activity is of great significance to shaping the mental health of students in the School of Science. Through the intuitive communication method of offline preaching, it helps students in the School of Science to feel the importance of mental health at the fastest speed, and plays a significant role in improving the mental health work of the School of Science。This activity is also a phased summary of the previous mental health month, creating an overall mental health education atmosphere in the School of Science。

At the same time, the School of Science also carried out psychodrama performance activities, and the winning team of the school of Science psychodrama displayed the winning work - the psychodrama "Breaking the Cocoon into a Butterfly" in the school.。

Through the re-enactment of the psychological drama "Breaking the Cocoon into a Butterfly", more students can intuitively feel the importance of self-exploration, which helps students to change roles faster and form correct career expectations。

Psychological drama director statistics 221 class psychological committee member Yan Mingrui said,The play tells the story of freshmen entering college,Can't adapt well to the living environment,With the help of parents, supervisors, seniors, and class committees,Successful transformation,Face up to your life;Because the content of the script has great relevance to the life of freshmen students,So it resonates with freshmen,Further convey the meaning of the script,It helps students understand the importance of self-exploration,Better career planning。

Through the above activities, the students understand the importance of mental health, which provides a strong foundation for the promotion of mental health work in the next stage of the college。In the future, the School of Science will continue to attach great importance to students' mental health education, combine the actual situation of students, and constantly explore scientific methods to enable students to grow healthily。

525, remember to say to yourself "I love me"!

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