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"School of Energy and Power Engineering" carried out the "voice floating patrol, confluence into a river" drifting paper activities
2023-05-05 15:58  

  In order to enhance college students' ability to adapt to society, cultivate rational and peaceful healthy mentality, promote harmonious campus construction, and guide students to grow up healthily with dreams。On May 25, 9:30-10:30 a.m., the Health Service Department of the School of Energy and Power Engineering launched the "Voice floating Tour, Confluence into a river" floating note activity in front of the second teaching building。

  On the day of the activity, the staff explained the content of the activity carefully for the students who came to participate, and asked the participants to write their own advantages on the post-it notes and post them on the display board. The students could find the bright points of each person through the display board and learn to recognize themselves。At the same time, students are encouraged to write their shortcomings on paper and throw them in the box, so that students can actively face these shortcomings and learn self-acceptance。The whole activity atmosphere was active, the students were actively involved, and the scene was full of laughter and joy。

  The homonym of 525 is "I love me", intended to remind college students to cherishLife, care for yourself。The development of this activity, while enriching the extracurricular cultural activities of the students in our school, guided the students to face the setbacks and pressures in life with a positive and healthy attitude, and let the students find their original heart in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, feel happiness, put down anxiety, face themselves, and grow healthily。

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