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"During the epidemic, how to effectively maintain dormitory interpersonal relations" psychological lecture is about to begin!
2022-03-30 16:35  

    College dormitory is an important place for students' collective life. Whether the interpersonal relationship in dormitory is harmonious or not directly affects the mental health level of college students。During the period of epidemic prevention and closure management, dormitories have become the main places for students to study and live, rest and entertainment, and emotional exchanges. Interpersonal relationships in dormitories will face more challenges, so it is particularly important to master effective interpersonal skills in dormitories at this time。In order to help students grasp this opportunity, solve the problem of getting along with their dormitory classmates, and maintain a positive and harmonious dormitory interpersonal relationship, Ms. Zhou Lina will give you a psychological lecture on "How to effectively Maintain dormitory interpersonal Relationship during the epidemic"。

    1. Teaching students:

Open to all students, limited to 300

2. Teachers:

Teacher Zhou Lina

    Iii. Teaching Time:

April 1, 2022 (Friday) 18:30-19:30
    Iv. Participation methods

Conference number: 252711230

    5. Specific requirements

1.Install the Tencent conference APP or computer software on the mobile or computer side in advance and debug it to ensure normal use;

2.During the class, ensure that there is no electronic signal interference and no noise around;

3.Please enter the conference room 10 minutes early。

Interested students can scan the above QR code to join the wechat group registration, limited seats, first come first served!

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