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The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center successfully held the 2021 "Tell Me to You" pre-class speech activity
2021-12-30 13:43  

In order to stimulate students' growth momentum, enhance students' self-confidence and courage, the Department of Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center willThe pre-class speech activity of "Tell Me to You" has become a stage for students to improve and show themselves, and is committed to cultivating college students' language expression ability, observation and analysis ability, and shaping students' self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace and positive social mentality。

The secondary psychological workstations of each school responded positively,Organize carefully,The campaign has been in full swing for two months,All the college students have stood on this platform to make passionate speeches and show themselves,The speech covers the spirit of what you believe in,My favorite story,Opinions that you have feelings for,Books that you have read and other topics that you find valuable。Because of the novel form and free theme, it ignited the students' interest in learning, and set off a upsurge of competing in the campus。

Pre-class speech activities belong to one kind"Deliberate learning", "deliberate learning" is a certain skill, is an indispensable thing in the growth, the use of deliberate learning, to overcome their weaknesses, break through their own limits is a shortcut to successIf you want to make progress and breakthrough, then you must have the mental preparation to do it every day, eliminate all the doubts and fears of difficulties in your heart, and move forward steadily and continuously。

We can not guarantee that life will be smooth all the time, if you want to make your life not idle, want to let yourself out of trouble, thrive in adversity, in the achievement of sober, this ability to continue to act is essential。Continuous action is the biggest nuclear power for life improvement, with time for space, with patience for progress。In the poetic and song-like youth years, I hope everyone can drum vigorous courage, display youth, tree positive attitude, plastic confidence strength, happy growth, painted youth!

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