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World AIDS Day activities of Power Transmission Technology Institute
2020-12-24 20:05  

World AIDS Day

The incidence of AIDS in the world is reaching a new high every year, but in real life, most people do not have the most basic knowledge about AIDS。As one of the high-risk areas for AIDS occurrence and discovery, university campuses should bring anti-AIDS activities into university campuses while focusing on youth development, so as to promote the healthy growth of our students。

In order to improve the students' awareness of AIDS, improve the knowledge level of AIDS prevention and treatment of college students, arouse people's sympathy and understanding of HIV-infected people, call on college students"Cherish youth, prevent AIDS", we hold this activity。 



Introduction to AIDS


AIDS is a very harmful infectious disease, caused by infection with HIV (HIV induced。HIV is a virus that attacks the body's immune system。It takes the most important CD4T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main attack target, destroys the cells in large numbers, and makes the human body lose immune function。Therefore, the human body is easy to be infected with various diseases, and malignant tumors can occur, and the fatality rate is high。The average incubation period of HIV in the human body is 8 to 9 years, and there can be no latency period of HIV

Living and working with symptoms for many years。



Activity theme

Join hands to fight HIV/AIDS and share health responsibilities。

Active object

Power transmission and transformation technologycollege

Active time

2020年12月2-- December 8, 2020

Activity form

1. At TEPCO, I issued a notice to collect handwritten copies of the "World AIDS Day"。

2. After the students made the handwritten reports, they were collected by the psychology committee of each class and submitted to 406 of the Three Schools at 7:00 on December 8。

3. The best organization award is awarded according to the quantity and quality of each shift。

团委Rights and interests departmentCollect the hand-written reports received and select excellent works for display。

Activity requirement


1. The content of the manual newspaper conforms to the theme, the content is positive, beautiful and generous。

2. Handwritten paper marked class - name - student number in pencil。



Thematic class meeting













Anti-aids road

The world needs to do a lot more

What we can do is very simple:

Respect and understanding

Kindness and smile

Defend with love"Ai", let love voice!


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