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International Day of Happiness to promote subjective well-being
2021-04-05 22:04 陈宇 


· Location of class meeting: Erjiao501教室 二教101教室

·Purpose of class meetingUnderstand the international happiness, feel our happy life

·Class meeting contentInternational Day of Happiness, a day to be happy just by the name。Happiness is what each of us desires and pursues。Has anyone said that I do not want to be happy, a happy I feel uncomfortable, I want to how unhappy how to come, I think in this world such a person must be almost for0.In our China, there is an old custom, every lunar New Year's Eve, each family will be in front of their own home pasted couplets, the Spring couplet content may not be exactly the same, but there is a word must be the same, that is the middle of the big blessing。Some people also put this blessing character specially upside down, take the meaning of blessing。It shows how much we want to be happy。So today, on the International Day of Happiness, let's talk about what happiness is and how to enhance our happiness。

First, let's start our conversation on the International Day of Happiness, which is timely。Do you know where it came from?进入21In the past century, human wealth has increased, material wealth, life expectancy has increased, and health has improved, but people's happiness and happiness have not increased, but the level of mental health is declining, and subjective well-being has become a challenge for people。

2012628日,第66The General Assembly of the United Nations declared that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental goal of man and that happiness is a universal goal and aspiration of human life throughout the world320Today is the International Day of Happiness9International Day of Happiness。

What is happiness??

Are you happy??This is a difficult question。Because happiness is not a black and white issue

What's your score?

 Life may not turn out the way we imagine sometimes, but there is always a small piece of love and warmth willing to let you cheer up and live well。No matter how happy you were just now, I hope that through our next interaction, we can give you the most beautiful answer about happiness。

Everyone has different views on the concept of happiness。Some believe that happiness is the fulfillment of desires;Some think that career success is happiness;Some people say that happiness is a feeling, different opinions。So what is happiness?

The criteria of a person's success in modern society are mostly evaluated according to the wealth he owns, and there are no other factors。So rich people are always happy?Not necessarily!We see a lot of rich people's troubles, more than ordinary people, others see only his bright surface, in the end happiness is not happy, only he knows。

What is happiness?Do I know my own happiness?How can we improve our subjective well-being?Let's explore them all。

Yuval, author of A Brief History of ManAccording to Harari, there are three major problems for future humans to solve, one of which is to be happy forever。On this happy day, let's think about happiness。First of all, show the students a short video about what happiness is.21克》。

After watching this video, have you found out what happiness looks like?Anyone want to share?

After watching the video, we will find that everyone has their own definition of happiness, and each of us is in the arms of happiness and born to the sun。Let's take a look at the little happiness that TEPCO students found around them。

Just now we tested how happy you are, also watched the video about what is happiness, found some of their own understanding of happiness, we will find that happiness is there, can we detect it, feel it, rely on our subjective feelings。What determines whether people are happy or not is not what actually happened, but what emotional interpretation and cognitive processing people make for what happened (for example).。Next, let's explore how to improve your subjective well-being。

From the perspective of happiness, improving positive emotions can help enhance subjective well-being。Are positive emotions really that powerful?Let's start with a study that's directly relevant to you。


Positive emotions not only make us mentally healthier, but also improve our immunity, help us to be physically healthier, both physically and mentally healthy, and naturally improve our happiness。

Each of us carries on10Minutes of meditation, from the bottom of your heart to recall the happiness of your life, if we heart to feel, awareness, capture, you will find that in fact, life everywhere has their own happiness。

Indeed, life is not the lack of happiness, but the lack of the eyes, ears and heart to find happiness, the key is whether we can feel, to experience, isn't it?May every student use their eyes, ears and heart to discover, feel, and experience the happiness around us, write down the bits and pieces of life, to find and feel the joy of life, and wish everyone happiness every day and be a happy and happy person。

·Tell me what you think。

Students spoke freely about their views on the International Day of Happiness。

·Talk about the things around us。

Life can be sown。A man's mind is like a seed,"You reap what you sow, you reap what you sow", people's thoughts determine behavior, behavior determines the result。Believe in "blessing", believe in "blessing", is to sow a blessing in the heart"The seed, "happiness will take root in the heart and grow into a towering tree, happiness will grow around you...There will be a lot of things in life that make you feel happy, please come and talk about it。

·Class meeting summary: For everyone, happiness has different meanings。For the cat, every meal has the shadow of fish, which is called happiness. For a hungry beggar, three meals are enough, which is happiness. For a child who lacks a mother's love, the mother's embrace is the source of happiness...Happiness is actually very simple, it is filled with the whole world, we have to heart to experience

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