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Marxism Institute 525 psychological work report
2021-05-28 14:27  

525It's College Mental Health Day,“5.25”I love MeIn this regard, the initiator's explanation is: love yourself to love others better。The first standard of mental health is to know the self, accept the self, can experience the value of their own existence, optimistic and confident, such people can use trust, love, tolerance, respect attitude to get along with people, can share, accept, give love and friendship, can work together with others。选择“5.25”It's to make it easier for college students to remember and pay attention to their mental health。Therefore, our hospital in518A series of mental health month activities of "New Era of Heart Health" were carried out on October 1。

Activity one:Carry out a questionnaire survey on college students' mental health

The questionnaire was sent to the psychological committee members of each class to survey the mental health of the students in the form of a questionnaire survey, and the survey results were counted, and psychological counseling and help were carried out in a targeted manner。

Activity two:Mental health knowledge popularization activities

Publish science tips on the public account of the college to increase students' knowledge and understanding of mental illness。

Activity 3:Mental health slogan call

With the theme of "Listen to your voice", everyone should have a declaration of love for themselves。

Activity 4:Mental health knowledge seminar


Psychological lectures were carried out by the psychology committee of each class. The students actively interacted with each other, and the atmosphere was warm and fruitful。

It is hoped that through this activity, students can calmly face emotional changes in the face of various anxieties in life, and understand and accept negative emotions。In the face of negative emotions, you do not have to be too sensitive and nervous, nor do you need to deny your feelings, and actively understand and accept the existence of negative emotions in order to better regulate your emotions。Keep a smooth, orderly pace of life, enjoy life, full of confidence, good luck will naturally come。



The push of the public account of the Institute of Marxism about the activity:

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