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School of Foreign Languages "Moistening heart and educating people" activity plan
2021-05-28 15:30  

1. Activity background

In order to build the quality improvement system of psychological education, better adapt to and meet the needs of students' mental health education service, the psychological education work runs through the whole process of education, Make psychological education work close to reality, close to life, close to students, focus on cultivating students' self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace, positive and healthy mentality, and promote the coordinated development of students' psychological quality with ideological and moral quality, scientific and cultural quality。To discover the beauty in life and enhance the happiness of life, the School of Foreign Languages is now launching a series of movie-watching activities for the whole school。

2. Activity theme

Remember the heroic blood of ambition, appreciate the immortal inscription

3. The organizer

Organizer: Student Affairs Office, School of Foreign Languages, Northeast Dianli University

Organizer: Easy work station

4. Activity time

2021417Every Saturday and Sunday from Sunday1400(In case of holiday, the viewing time will be postponed to the next week), watch until 12 times。

5. Activity location


6. Participants

participant:School of Foreign Languages1920All Grade 1 students

staff:Member of Propaganda Department of Youth League Committee of School of Foreign Languages, member of Student Union Service Department

7. Activity process

1.Relying on the "easy class" platform of TEPCO,开辟“Remember the heroic blood of ambition, appreciate the immortal inscription"Plate, release notice, organize students in advance易班Platform to grab tickets;

2.Design and post event posters to promote the event;

3.播放“Remember the heroic blood of ambition, appreciate the immortal inscriptionPPT

4.Organize students to watch movies;

5.Students can change classes during the movieRemember the heroic blood of ambition, appreciate the immortal inscriptionParticipate in the topic discussion in the plate, write the sentiment;

6.Select excellent ideas and insights, and give prizes to activities;

7.Enrich the heart and educate people after the viewing activities, view full10Second students should write their comments and submit them to the

8. Movie list

1.The Shawshank Redemption (Viewing time:4171400

20世纪40At the end of the decade, banker Andy is jailed for the murder of his wife and her lover。Inside the prison, known as Shawshank, hope seems elusive。Not long after, Andy tried to approach the famous Red among the prisoners, and the two people gradually became familiar with each other, Andy also seemed to find his own way to survive in the prison of mixed fish and dragons, evil and black and white。He used his expertise and was gradually treated with respect。On the surface, he had changed from hating the wall to tolerating it, as Rhett did, but the desire for freedom still pushed him toward the hopes and goals of his heart……The film is based on the famous writer Stephen·King's adaptation of the original。

2.Spring of the Cattle Class (Viewing time:4181400

1949In the French countryside, the musician Clement arrives at a room nicknamed塘低He worked as an assistant teacher at a boys' boarding school。The students at the school are mostly troubled children, corporal punishment is common, and the headmaster is selfish and cruel。Clement, a quiet character, tried to improve the situation in his own way, he re-created music works, organized the choir, and decided to use music to open the closed minds of students。However, things do not go well and Clement finds student PierreMoanqi has extraordinary musical talent, but he grew up in a single parent family, his personality is extremely sensitive and solitary, how to release Pierre's musical talent, let Clement headache;At the same time his feelings with Pierre's mother were becoming more and more delicate。

3.The King's Speech (Viewing time:4241400

The Duke of York suffered from a stutter that prevented him from speaking in public, causing him to lose his face at large ceremonies。In order to help her husband, the good wife Elizabeth visited famous doctors everywhere, but the traditional methods did not work。By chance, she found herself at the home of a speech therapist named Lionel Logue, who, according to legend, had an unusual approach。Although the Duke was not impressed with Logue's bizarre techniques, the first session ended badly。However, the Duke found himself reading Shakespeare fluently while listening to music。This made him begin to trust Logue, cooperate with the treatment, and slowly overcome the psychological barrier。When George V died, Edward VIII succeeded to the throne, but abdicated in order to marry the widow Mrs. Simpson。Albert was appointed King George VI。His biggest challenge was how to deliver an inspirational speech before World War II。

4.Green Book (Viewing Time:591400

Tony is a slacker who works as a waiter in a nightclub。The club would be closed for a few months, but Tony's rent and living expenses would not be cancelled, so his first priority was to find another job to fill the gap。At this point, a black pianist named Shirley Tang offered to hire Tony。

Tang Xueli is about to start an eight-week south tour, but at that time, the South is very serious discrimination against blacks, so Tony becomes Tang Xueli's driver and bodyguard。Along the way, the two people's different personalities make a lot of contradictions between them, at the same time, Tang Xueli in the south suffered a variety of unfair treatment also let Tony feel deeply disgusted with racial discrimination。

5.Heidi and Grandpa (Viewing time:5151400

Heidi, an orphan, is sent to the Alps by her aunt Deta to live with her grandfather, who lives alone in the mountains far from the town。The lively Heidi is like a fish in water here, and not only gains the friendship of the shepherd Peter and the affection of the solitary grandfather, but also gets to mingle with Peter's family at the foot of the mountain。One day, while Hedy was herding sheep in the mountains with Peter, her aunt suddenly appeared and coaxed and tricked Heidi into selling her to the Zesemann family in Frankfurt。From then on, the illiterate Heidi became the companion of Miss Clara。Clara lost her mother when she was young, became seriously ill and could no longer stand, and was confined to a mansion in a wheelchair。Her father was away for years and rarely came home, and the lonely Clara took Heidi as a lifeline。Will Heidi adjust to her new life with the Sesemans?Will the distant grandfather and Peter ever see each other again?Is there any hope for Clara's leg to get better?

6.Zhou Enlai and His Return to Yan 'an (Viewing time:5161400

The film starts with19736In the special historical period, Premier Zhou Enlai, who was suffering from severe illness, shouldered the historical mission and the feelings of the older generation of revolutionaries for the people of the old area, and returned to the historical events of the holy Land Yan 'an as the narrative center, and reproduced the story of Zhou Enlai returning to Yan 'an20Many hours of real experience, showingThe people's Prime minister loves the people, the people's Prime minister loves the peopleTouching picture。

7.The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Viewing time:5221400

The film tells the story1947Northeast Democratic Allied Forces203The team under the leadership of the chief less Jianbo, in order to enter the bandit rampant Linhai snow field to protect the safety of the people, the scout Yang Zirong and the health worker Bai Ru fire rescue story。

In order to completely disintegrate the forces of bandits, Yang Zirong insisted on asking to sneak into the bandits' den in disguiseTiger Mountain。After many tests, Yang Zirong was honored by the mountain carving of the bandit leader because of his contribution to the treasureTiger Mountain nine。Yang Zirong side with eight king Kong, one side for the mountain comradely intelligence。被203The team captured the bandits contact adjutant Luan Ping while the chaos escaped, but appeared in Wei tiger village with Yang Zirong face to face。The birthday of a mountain sculptureChicken feastOn, Yang Zirong and203The comrades of the small team ushered in the best time to wipe out the bandits。

8.The Founding of a Republic (Viewing time:5231400

该影片展现了在抗战结束之后,在民主爱国人士张澜等人的斡旋下,毛泽东(唐国强饰)代表的共产党与蒋介石(张国立 饰)代表的国民党拉开了重庆谈判的序幕。

In order to show its sincerity, the Communist Party voluntarily gave up some of the liberated areas it had occupied, but the Kuomintang showed no intention of establishing a democratic government, instead driving out the democratic parties and gradually moving towards the end of the military dictatorship。

期间,以毛泽东为首的共产党人通过建立广泛的爱国统一战线,Won the support of the whole Chinese people,It laid a solid foundation for the convening of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,At the same time,The dying Kuomintang is still trying to obstruct the convening of the conference by means of despicable means such as assassination plots,A decisive battle for the establishment of a new China began。

9.Bodyguards and Assassins (Viewing time:5291400

Film narration19061015Revolutionaries, merchants, beggars, charioteers, students, gamblers and theater owners from all over the world fought bloody battles in Central Hong Kong to crush an assassination attempt and protect the story of Sun Yat-sen。The businessman responsible for receiving him knew that there was a group of assassins sent by the Qing government, so he invited a group of bodyguards with extraordinary skills to escort him, and finally successfully sent Sun Yat-sen safely to Japan。

10.My War (Viewing time:5301400

The film tells the story of a group of young Chinese soldiers and beautiful men of the literary work team, in order to resist the United States and aid North Korea and leave their homes, to carry out missions in the war of North Korea, and fight in the ice and snow。Sun Beichuan(队长)And Zhang Luodong(bugler)brotherly。They both like Meng。But Luodong hide love in the heart, on the surface only the three summer when sister。At first, Beichuan and Sanxia often contend with each other, and then they become lovers in the battlefield together。

11.Straight Out of the Amazon (Viewing time:651400

The Amazon is a big river in South America, and the United Nations took in the harsh climate and unusually difficult environment here, and founded the International Special Forces Training Center in Venezuela, code nameHunter school。The Chinese government sent two special forces here to receive more than two months非人Military training。School rules say that if someone can't complete the training, they can quit, but they have to remove the flag of the country they are flying。Special forces soldiers Wang Hui and Hu Xiaolong in the physical limit of military training and extremely difficult living conditions, always hold onThe interests of the motherland are above all else”“I represent the People's Republic of ChinaThe faith, with the flesh and iron will to persist, to maintain the dignity of the flag。In the end, only four national flags remained, one of which was the five-star red flag, flying high there。In the training, the principal pretended to be a gangster of the underworld to test the will of the students, but was used by some foreign underworld people in an attempt to destroyHunter schoolWang Hui and Hu Xiaolong give full play to the bravery and wisdom of the Chinese soldiers, defeat the triad and save the headmaster's daughter Lina。With extraordinary will and perseverance, two Chinese special forces soldiers successfully graduated and were awarded by the training centerMedal of Valor。For China, for the Chinese army to win honor。

12.The Founding of the Party (Viewing Time:661400

1911In the winter of the year, Sun returned from overseas in the following year11He was sworn in as interim president。At the same time毛泽东参加了光复新军。Soon, Yuan Shikai, with his strong military strength and prestige in the imperial family, won the title of Grand Marshal from Sun Yat-sen, and the government of the Northern Republic of China was established。同年10In October, the Kuomintang was founded。

1914The First World War broke out in the summer of that year,1915Yuan Shikai made a secret agreement with Japan and changed the state structure, and proclaimed himself Emperor of the Chinese Empire, from which he embarked on a road of no return。Sun Yat-sen and CAI E set up the defense Army, out to discuss Yuan。Soon Yuan Shikai died in a national outcry。After that, with the failure of Zhangxun's restoration, China entered a chaotic situation in which warlords were divided。而毛泽东、李大钊、周恩来等人虽身处不同地方,但都在内心思索着救国救亡之路,命运的相会即将到来。

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