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Regular meeting of Psychology committee of Power transmission and Transformation Technology Institute
2021-06-01 14:08  

In order to improve the working ability of the students' psychological committee, our school is in521noon12:00In a teaching718Carried out the "Psychological Committee work meeting" This activity by the Ministry of Rights and Interests Wu Xianliu lecture, power generation191Psychological committee Wu Xianliu presided over, recorder power generation191Psychological Committee Wu Xianliu。All grade psychological committees participated。


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The psychological committee member is a person who provides mental health help for classmates, dormitory students and friends around them. It is a student cadre of the class, who provides help for students with relevant needs with an attitude of equality, respect and service, and undertakes or assists in implementing various affairs or activities aimed at class mental health education。

Under the auspices of Wu Xianliu of the Ministry of Rights and Interests, it was carried out in an orderly manner。1. Each class reports the class situation and students' psychological status for two weeks。Second, the situation in the class, everyone actively discussed and put forward their own opinions。Third, detailed explanation and guidance to Wu Xianliu of the Department of Rights and Interests of the psychological activity month in May。Emphasize the importance of health month activities, urge each class psychology committee to work hard, as soon as possible, do not understand the rights and interests of consultation部。

The students listened carefully to the speech of Wu Xianliu from the Ministry of Rights and Interests, and took detailed notes to remember Wu Xianliu's guidance。

二、各20The psychological committee of Grade A reported the situation of the class in the past two weeks。

发电201: Active in class, students get along well with each other, the atmosphere is relatively harmonious, some students because of the difficulty of learning subjects there is a certain anxiety, some students because of the grades are more active and diligent, and some students appear lazy

发电202: There are no special circumstances in the class

发电203: I have a negative learning attitude, and I am not enthusiastic about the study of professional and non-professional courses。It is customary to sit back in class and not actively answer the teacher's questions。

发电204Students ask for leave less often, and the school runs on campus for sports。Everyone is in good shape

供电201The situation is good, students are active in learning, and the atmosphere is good。

供电202Students have no psychological problems, class meetings and group activities students actively participate, no absence。



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