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Summary of a series of psychological Month activities in the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year of the School of Electrical Engineering
2021-09-23 19:11  

In the past semester, with the care and support of school leaders, our mental health education has made great progress。In the future, we should continue to raise awareness, change ideas, and do a better job of mental health education, so that every student can truly learn and grow in a healthy and warm environment。Mental health education has a long way to go, requires every worker to make unremitting efforts, we need to continue to explore and accumulate experience, and strive to make the mental health education work in our hospital more effective。

The mental health work of our hospital in the last semester is summarized as follows:

One, Flying against the wind, psychodrama competition

In order to thoroughly implement the Guiding Outline of Mental Health Education for Students in Colleges and Universities (Teaching Party201841号),We will do a solid job in psychological education under the normalization of the epidemic,Further adapt and meet the psychological needs of students,Optimize the psychological quality of college students,Improve college students' ability to recognize and deal with setbacks,Promote students to form self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace, positive attitude,It reflects the hot issues in the real life of college students and the psychological confusion that exists in students,We should establish a scientific sense of health, pay attention to physical and mental health, but also to maintain and improve their own mental health, cultivate excellent psychological quality, improve their psychological adjustment ability, for learning, life and work to lay a good foundation。In response to the call of the school, our school held a psychodrama contest, which was accepted34A copy of the script for the final round7份,2An excellent script represented our school to participate in the school-level finals, of which our psychological drama "The world is beautiful and you are linked" won the school-level second prize。

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Second, forge ahead, psychological theme class meeting competition

  1946According to the World Health Organization, "Health is not merely the absence of disease and weakness; health is physical, psychological and social adaptation.A good and complete state。”1989The World Health Organization put forward21New concept of health in the century: "Health is not only the absence of disease, but also includes physical health, mental health, social well-being and moral health.。” College students should have a correct understanding of society and themselves, pay a correct evaluation of the value and meaning of life, firmly realize the ideal of indomitable belief and will, and constantly pursue lofty ideal goals, in order to face the society rationally, think about life scientifically, and thus be positive and step by step toward the goal of success。Therefore, we must maintain a healthy mind, so that it is easier to focus our energy, to realize their own ideals and to embark on the road to success。Health is the first wealth of a person and the basis for the development of life。College life is colorful, the pressure is everywhere, forTo enrich students' psychological and social resources and improve their sense of happiness and strength, the psychology committee of our college carried out a psychological theme class meeting with the theme of "Heart Warming Yang · Flying against the wind", which was received in total32A class planning case, excellent planning case10A, enter the school level semifinal class total3个。Electricity from our hospital196Class, electricity from1915The class won the first and second prizes of the school respectively。

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Third, smile to meet setbacks, psychological knowledge competition

Strengthen and improve college students' mental health education,It is an important way to train college students to have good social adaptability and healthy body and mind,It is also an important measure to promote the healthy growth of college students。In order to increase the psychological knowledge reserve of students, we should not only exercise the body, but also improve the psychological level。In response to the school's call18Hosted the seventh "smile to meet setbacks" psychological knowledge competition preliminary。Students actively respond to the call and earnestly learn relevant knowledge。While preparing for the competition, the students enriched their understanding of psychological aspects。This activity is shared by our school350All students passed, including our school20One classmate included113One student made it to the final round。The "Healthy Brother Team" of our hospital won the first prize at the university level。



Fourth, "Sound in its environment, 'sound' you change" dubbing contest

To celebrate the founding of the Party100On the anniversary, we implemented the requirements of the provincial Party Committee, provincial government and the Ministry of Education for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and did a good job in mental health education for college students。Our hospital carried outThe sound of the land,Change with youDubbing contest gives students another platform to show themselves and express different emotions through dubbing。With film and television works as the carrier, dubbing contest is a unique way to exercise the language ability of college students, highlight the charm of language talent, fully show the youth style, and cultivate the innovation and expression ability of college students, strengthen the cultural exchange among students, enhance communication and feelings, and promote the construction of campus civilization。Entries were received for this event20份。First prize1First prize, second prize3First prize, third prize4名。



In this mental health Month theme activity, our school actively cooperated with the school to carry out a series of theme activities, but there were still shortcomings, such as when receiving class meeting planning cases, some classes did not submit them in time. In the next work, we will pay special attention to time coordination and other issues。In the future, our college will continue to actively cooperate with the arrangement of the school psychological organization and jointly build a healthy campus。


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