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School of Electrical Engineering held the graduation season "Love transmission, love full of electricity" item donation activity
2023-06-17 17:37  

It begins in autumn and ends in summer。To advocate the concept of low-carbon green, saving resources and building a mutual aid and harmonious campus2023The graduates of the class are grateful and pass on the civilized atmosphere of love。613日至614School of Electrical Engineering organizedLove transfer, love full of electricityGraduation season theme old items donation。

Graduate donation register

  This activity is widely publicized and actively mobilized by the college, calling on all the graduates of the college to donate their unused books, stationery, daily necessities, sporting goods and other old items to the lower grade students in the spirit and concept of love and public welfare。On the occasion of parting, I will pass on my love and care to my younger students。

 613At noon on Sunday,14At noon, the donors brought their donations to the electric buildingA421,Unified registration and management by the staff。The donors have left messages on the notes to express their memory and gratitude to the Alma mater, and also convey their wishes and hopes to the younger students。At the same time, the college also presents a beautiful souvenir bookmark for each donor as a souvenir。


Graduates leave a message

Books will be collected at this event400Yu Ben, learn daily necessities50Rest, sports equipment and other supplies10余件。

Love transfer, love full of electricityThe offline collection of old items has been completed. If any students still want to donate, they can send the items to the electric building during working hoursA419There are still souvenirs left, and you can still receive them at the event。

The following staff will sort out the donated items and display them on the public account. Students in need can pick up the relevant items according to the time and place provided in the notice。


Prize bookmark

Love transfer, love full of electricity。This donation activity is not only the reuse of goods, the practice of green environmental awareness, but also the true feelings of TEPCO graduates to thank their Alma mater and encourage younger students to learn。Graduation is not the end, but the opening of another journey, electrical students are willing to leap into the crowd, wind and rain bright, sail!


A blackboard newspaper full of messages

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