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College of Architectural Engineering held the inner voice rafting - emotional blind box activity
2023-04-23 11:38  

To enrich the daily cultural life of our students,Better promotion of mental health knowledge,To raise students' attention to mental health,Create a positive, optimistic and cheerful atmosphere,The Life Department of the Student Union of the College of Architectural Engineering of Northeast Dianli University held an activity on the first floor of Sanjiao (sloping opposite Step 101) on Friday, April 22 from 3:30-4:30 PMVoice drifting Note - Emotional blind box activity。

This activity revolves around the students who have problems to talk about their problems, extract the problems of students and make suggestions for them, write warm words to send blessings and three links。

Confessing troubles: The students write down the troubles and secrets in their hearts on the convenience sign, and put them into the jiao "green" box after writing, in order to relieve the pressure in their hearts and get rid of the burden of troubles。

Extract the students' troubles and make suggestions for them: the students carefully thought and gave a reasonable solution to make the troubled students find the direction to move forward and unlock the trouble。

Write warm words to send blessings: students in the convenience of signing to write their usual inspirational quotes and how to adjust their emotions in life, the trouble into the power of the method。After the activity, we cleaned up the activity site to ensure that the site was clean and tidy。Through this activity, students will let their troubles out and their negative emotions will be effectively released。At the same time, I also know how to pay more attention to my own psychological construction, respect the mental health of others, and eliminate the pressure in my study and life。Students who read the content of the bulletin board can also get encouragement and direction when facing similar problems in the future, so that everyone has a positive mental state。

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