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The school held a lecture on the psychological theme of "Beautiful Encounter in Life -- Interpreting Love from a psychological Perspective"
2020-11-04 08:27  

      According to the teaching arrangement of the school's "Psychological work skills improvement training for counselors",11月3日,Guo Juan, associate professor of Psychology School of Northeast Normal University, came to the school to give a lecture,Lecture entitled "Beautiful Encounters in Life: A Psychological Interpretation of Love",This lecture was organized by the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of the Ministry of Education and Work,Director Wen Zhu presided over,The entire student staff participated in the event。

      Guo Juan shared with you three aspects of the psychological theory of love, positive coping ways in intimate relationships, and conversation techniques to help students deal with lovelorn problems, and analyzed the methods of counselors to help students cope with problems in different stages of love。In the course of the lecture, Guo Juan relied on rich consulting experience, combined with cases to explain the theory and technology, the content of information is large, practical strong, and the scene response is warm。The one-and-a-half hour lecture greatly enriched everyone's psychological theoretical knowledge of love and intimate relationship, and provided a good technical explanation for identifying the types of love problems encountered by students in real work, analyzing the deep causes of problems, and effectively helping students solve problems。

      Through this lecture, all the students mastered the key to guide students' healthy love concept from the perspective of psychology, learned the relevant skills to carry out love psychological counseling, and improved the ability to help students cope with love-related problems。

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