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The school held a lecture on the psychological theme of "Identification and coping with depressive disorders"
2020-12-28 09:59  

    According to the teaching arrangement of the school's "Psychological work skills Improvement training for Counselors", on December 24, Wu Bo, deputy chief physician of the Sixth Hospital of Changchun City, came to school to give a lecture entitled "Identification and Coping with Depression Disorder".。The lecture was organized and carried out by the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of the Department of Student Affairs, presided over by Director Wen Zhu. All the students and staff participated in the activity。

    Wu Bo described depression from a medical perspective from five levels: overview of depression, etiology, pathology and pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, assessment and differential diagnosis, treatment principles and treatment methods。In the course of the lecture, Wu Bo closely combined medical knowledge with clinical cases of college students, and the content was professional, detailed and clear, and the audience could not help but follow and think and immerse themselves in it。The wonderful lecture of one and a half hours gave us a more scientific and comprehensive understanding of depression disorder, which has a strong guiding significance for identifying students' depressive state in practical work and carrying out work for students and their families with depression。

    Through this lecture, the participants' ability to accurately control psychological problems related to depression has been further improved, overcoming the fear of difficulties when facing such problems, and improving the initial judgment ability and coping ability of such problems。

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