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The school holds lectures on topics related to psychological talk techniques
2021-03-10 08:34  

    According to the teaching arrangement of the school's "Psychological work skills Improvement training for Counselors", from March 3 to 5, Associate Professor Han Xue and Professor Gai Xiaosong of Northeast Normal University came to the school to give lectures, respectively entitled "Focus solution short-term treatment" and "mindfulness practice and rational emotion", with a total of 12 class hours。The lecture was organized and carried out by the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of the Department of Student Affairs, presided over by Director Wen Zhu. All the student staff participated in the activity。

    Han Xue systematically introduced the therapy from three parts: the concept, hypothesis and principle of the short-term treatment method, and the practical operation of the talk technology, and guided everyone to conduct the talk practice on the spot。Han Xue studied at the University of Windsor and McMaster University in Canada, focusing on the study, research and practice of psychotherapy, especially focusing on short-term therapy techniques。In the course of the lecture, Han Xue closely combined her professional understanding of short-term treatment with practical experience. The content was detailed and professional, the language was simple and easy to understand, and the audience realized efficient learning in a relaxed atmosphere。

    The first lecture of Gai Xiaosong introduced the direction and method of mindfulness practice from five aspects of awareness of body, attention, attitude, self and values,And guided the students to have a personal experience of mindfulness awareness at the scene;The second lecture explained the core content of rational emotive therapy from two aspects: the role of cognitive evaluation in the process of emotion production and the practice of identifying the ideas that trigger negative emotions。In the two lectures, Gai Xiaosong constantly shared his practice experience and consulting application cases, which were profound and rich in content and thought-provoking, and the scene atmosphere was active and interactive。

     The wonderful lecture of 12 class hours gave everyone a professional understanding and a certain practical operation foundation for the three counseling and talk techniques of focus solving short-term therapy, mindfulness practice and rational emotion, and provided good guidance and help for improving the quality of talking with students and effectively coping with students' psychological problems in practical work。

    Through this activity, the participants mastered more psychological conversation techniques, increased the choice of techniques to deal with different types of students' problems, and improved the ability to carry out psychological counseling。

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