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The school held a special training on the simulation and exercise of conversation techniques in crisis cases
2021-07-07 13:54  

  According to the teaching arrangement of the school's "Psychological Work skills Improvement Training for Counselors", Guo Juan, associate professor of the School of Psychology of Northeast Normal University, came to the school to carry out the training on July 6, and the training content was "Case simulation and exercise-How counselors deal with students at risk of crisis".。The training was organized and carried out by the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of the Department of Student Affairs, presided over by Director Wen Zhu, and all student staff participated in the activity。

  Through the school of Mechanical Engineering counselor Xu Tiankai, School of Foreign languages counselor Zhang Shiya provided cases,Guo Juan introduced the initial assessment techniques in CAMS, the conversation techniques for building relationships with students in crisis and helping them solve problems,And some basic principles when communicating with students and parents about specific issues。During the training process, Guo Juan conducted a lot of dialogue exercises with the case providers, guiding everyone to think deeply and understand the difficulties of operation through hypothetical scenarios and simulated questions. The on-site atmosphere was active and interaction was constant。The three-hour training fully analyzed and demonstrated the psychological techniques and communication principles commonly used in crisis cases, and provided an effective technical path on how to assess students' risks in the practice of psychological crisis intervention and how to resolve crises through counseling talks。

  Through this training, all students have a more professional understanding of the psychological state of students and parents in psychological crisis, master the technology and key to communicate with them, and improve the ability to cope with and intervene in psychological crisis。

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