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· [Freshman Navigation] The school held the "Home-school Co-education · Help growth" class for parents of Grade 2023 freshmen 2023-09-08 
· [Freshman Navigation] "Form good habits, Master a better life" publicity activities successfully concluded! 2023-04-24 
· [Freshman Navigation] "Wake up the giant in your heart, shape a positive attitude" Developmental group psychological counseling began to recruit! 2023-04-10 
· [Freshman Navigation] "Form a Good Habit" 21-day clocking campaign is about to begin! 2023-04-01 
· [Freshman Navigation] Forming Good Habits · Mastering a Better Life "promotion activity is about to begin! 2023-03-20 

· [Freshman Navigation] Youth without "AI" ∙ AIDS prevention and control knowledge publicity lecture successfully concluded 2022-12-07 
· [Freshman Navigation] The 2022 Knowledge Building Dreams and Interpersonal Communication Skills Promotion event was successfully concluded 2022-12-06 
· [Freshman Navigation] The psychological counseling center will hold a theme lecture on youth health education 2022-11-30 
· [Freshman Navigation] Psychological counseling center will soon hold youth without "AI" AIDS prevention and treatment theme online psychological counseling class 2022-11-26 
· [Freshman Navigation] The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center successfully held the 2021 "Tell Me to You" pre-class speech activity 2021-12-30 

· [Freshman Navigation] The counseling center successfully held the online psychological theme lecture "Revealing Interpersonal Attraction" 2021-11-22 
· [Freshman Navigation] The school held the "Sowing • Starting" positive attitude cultivation activity for new students in 2021 2021-09-15 
· [Freshman Navigation] The second phase of the Dongdian Heart Speech propaganda Group has begun! 2021-04-18 
· [Freshman Navigation] The Counseling center successfully held the "Freshman Psychological Adjustment Lecture - University, What to learn?》 2020-12-14 
· [Freshman Navigation] The psychodrama Exhibition for freshmen entrance education in 2018 was successfully concluded 2018-11-27 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


Add: 320 College Student Activity Center, East Campus, Northeast Dianli University, 169 Changchun Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China Postcode: 132012