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Graduation set sail
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· [Graduation sailing] The theme lecture "Realizing Role Transformation, Opening a New Chapter of Career" was successfully concluded! 2023-06-27 
· [Graduation sailing] "Flying Hope · 'Zheng Zheng' Day" Kite making activity successfully concluded! 2023-06-16 
· [Graduation sailing] Counseling center successfully held "Workplace interpersonal relations and communication" psychological theme lecture 2021-06-18 
· [Graduation sailing] Northeast Electric Power University 2020 graduating class "Grateful · Pursue dream voyage" theme class meeting program 2020-06-01 
· [Graduation sailing] "Shape a positive attitude, laugh at the career" psychological theme lecture successfully concluded 2020-05-26 

· [Graduation sailing] Notice on Further prevention and intervention of college students' psychological crisis 2013-05-23 
· [Graduation sailing] Notice on the Department to do a good job in mental health education before graduation of students in 2013 2013-05-12 
· [Graduation sailing] "Set Sail with gratitude" psychological theme activity program 2012-06-05 
· [Graduation sailing] Notice on organizing group counseling activities for the class of 2012 graduates 2012-03-27 
· [Graduation sailing] On the 2012 graduating class counselor, class teacher group guidance experience activity notice 2012-03-20 

· [Graduation sailing] Group psychological counseling program for 2011 graduates 2011-11-04 
· [Graduation sailing] "Heart set sail New Starting Point" -- Recruitment notice of group psychological counseling for graduates of 2011 2010-04-09 
· [Graduation sailing] Face the future and go ahead -- 2010 graduate group Counseling Program 2010-04-06 
· [Graduation sailing] "Face the future, brave to go nowhere" - 2010 graduates group psychological counseling recruitment notice 2010-03-25 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


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