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Special work
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· [Soul Escort] "Tepco Guardian" online psychological mutual assistance platform opened! 2020-01-29 
· [Growth Pilot] The seminar "Self-control and Time Management" was successfully concluded 2019-12-06 
· [Soul Escort] Our school's 2019 "AIDS prevention" series of thematic publicity activities have come to a successful conclusion 2019-12-03 
· [Growth Pilot] The "Friendship in Light and Shadow" film appreciation event was successfully concluded 2019-11-10 
· [Growth Pilot] Book companion youth reading to joy good book sharing will come to a successful end 2019-11-05 

· [Soul Escort] The fifth Psychological Knowledge Competition was successfully concluded 2019-10-27 
· [Soul Escort] Xinqing tram "- with TEPCO, with health 2019-10-13 
· [Soul Escort] Our school's original psychological drama "Walking with Hands" won the first prize of the second National College Psychological scene Drama Competition 2019-06-05 
· [Soul Escort] Northeast Electric Power University "Abide by the law and abide by the law, work together to build a dream" service migrant workers successfully held 2018-12-05 
· [Freshman Navigation] The psychodrama Exhibition for freshmen entrance education in 2018 was successfully concluded 2018-11-27 

· [Soul Escort] The psychological counseling center held a symposium on the adaptability of 2017 students 2018-03-15 
· [Freshman Navigation] The 2017 freshman psychodrama performance was successfully concluded 2017-10-30 
· [Freshman Navigation] The Department of Student Affairs successfully carried out the psychological survey of 2017 freshmen 2017-10-16 
· [Freshman Navigation] The psychological drama performance and safety education activities of freshmen enrollment in 2016 were successfully concluded 2016-10-24 
· [Growth Pilot] Notice on holding the first psychodrama script Creation Contest of Northeast Dianli University 2015-11-09 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


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